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Accommodation rules

All quests are obliged to know these rules:

Dear guests
We ask you to familiarize with this accomodation provisions and we believe that you will comprehend the following limitations.

The arrival is possible after previous reservation. Reservation can be either written or telephonic.

Guests are obliged to pay for the accommodation and provided services according to current price list.

Accommodation is possible after previous agreement with the owner.
Guests will be accommodated after submitting a valid ID or passport. Information from the valid documents will be used to fill in the accomodation form and then the guests will be given two keys to the apartment.

Guests will come to and undamaged apartment, any damages must be immediately reported to the owner. If any guest damages anything in the apartment, on purpose or not, she/he is obligated to compensate the damage.

Guests can’t move the furniture or make any adjustments in the apartment and in the electricial network and other installations.
Guests are obligated to keep order and cleanliness in the apartment and in the surrounding area.

An adult is fully responsible for any damage caused by children.

Visitors that are not accommodated in the apartment can be brought to the apartment only with an approval of the owner. 

Guests are obligated not to disturb the peace from 10pm to 6am.

Guests are obligated to always lock the door.

Smoking and making fire is strictly prohibited in the building.

Entering undefined areas is prohibited.

Guests are obligated to check if the water tap is closed, turn off the lights and lock the front door.

If the guests damage anything they must pay for the damaged or incomplete equipment full price even if the damage is in the common areas. Guests pay fot lost keys.

Arrival to the apartment with motor vehicles is possible only to unload and load the luggage. Cars then can be parked on the public parking lots.

The property of accommodated guests is not insured against theft. Please lock the door.

The operator has made all precautions to avoid any guest health damage. In normal service, the operator is not responsible for the health of guests. We therefore ask our guests not to leave the entrusted people without supervision. The health and living of the guests are not insured by the operator.

Every guest is obliged to immediately notify the owner about any danger of fire, about situations with police or medical service needed and do as much as they can to stop the fire or possible danger.

Important tel. numbers:

If the accommodation rules are not followed by the guests the owner has the right to end guest’s accommodation before the agreed departure day. In that case the guest is obliged to pay the full price of the accommodation and provided services.

Thank you for reading our accommodation rules of the Aparment at the Jewish gate. We wish you a pleasant and undisturbed stay!

Apartment at the Jewish gate

On the first floor of the house at the Jewish gate, which was bulit at the beginning of 19th century, is a spacious apartment with an amazing atmosphere. In the apartment there is a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, a cooker, a microwave and an electric oven, one living room, one bedroom, a toilet and a shower.