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Coffee La Boheme

Coffee Quality, Commitment to Excellence, Sustainability, Environmental Conciousness

„Coffee Quality, Commitment to Excellence, Sustainability, Environmental Conciousness“ Coffee quality to La Boheme is defined by the coffee’s sweetness, cleanliness, transparency and uniqueness. But our criteria for our partner farmers does not stop there, it is based on the farmers commitment to excellence, as this must be on par with mine. The commitment to grow and process the best quality coffee and accomplish it in a sustainable and respectful way. This includes the treatment of the workers on the farm, the cleanliness of their mill and the protection of the environment where the farm coexists. All of these factors play an important role when we choose our direct trade relationships.” says Mr Fleer.

For La Boheme it is the balance of quality, sustainability and environmental consciousness that is our criteria and for this we pay a premium directly to the hands of the farmers to ensure the integrity of the entire coffee chain.

For our customers, it is the unrivaled taste in the cup, a taste that makes you smile and one that allows you to explore the world in your cup of coffee.

Café at the Jewish gate

On the ground floor of the house at the Jewish gate is a small café. The tradition of a café in this building goes back to 1772 when the owner of the house Isak Polnauer established a coffee shop along with spices and dye shop there. In the café we provide selected coffee La Boheme, excellent tea Harney & sons, you can taste wines from Moravia, kosher wines from Bohemia and also unique herbal lemonades.