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Viticulture Marek Koráb

„To create good wines is not just about the production, it is a lifestyle in connection with the nature, it is a humility and respect for our ancestors, it is an art to utilize the open arms of nature“

The tradition of five generations

We would like to present you our small moravian viticulture. This viticulture was founded in 2006 to contribute to the work of Koráb family but mainly to  bring back the lost respect for old vineyards.The collective agriculture used in the past still has a bad impact on the conservation of old vineyards.

Café at the Jewish gate

On the ground floor of the house at the Jewish gate is a small café. The tradition of a café in this building goes back to 1772 when the owner of the house Isak Polnauer established a coffee shop along with spices and dye shop there. In the café we provide selected coffee La Boheme, excellent tea Harney & sons, you can taste wines from Moravia, kosher wines from Bohemia and also unique herbal lemonades.